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An Interview With Artist Mona Namdar

Art is about thinking freely and creating freely. There is no limit or frame for art. It doesn’t belong to any specific person or group.

Firstly, thank you very much for accepting our interview request. Can you give us some information about yourself?

I am Mona Namdar (Eren) and I was born in Tehran, Iran. I am a single mom with 2 beautiful daughters that are my main resource of power and energy. I started painting when I was 9 and had my very first exhibition at age 18 before entering university in one of important galleries in my hometown.

I graduated from Cinematography faculty but never stopped painting. Over past 20 years worked with different movements and styles but since 4 years before have mainly focused on hyperrealism.

I participated in 8 children’s charity exhibitions and 4 individual galleries. I moved to beautiful Türkiye 6 years before and attended 9 exhibitions in Türkiye and Bulgaria. At the mean time I am teaching painting to Afghan kids proudly.

How did your family react to your interest in visual arts?

‏I lost my dad at age 3 and despite the fact that art courses are expensive everywhere,mom never stopped supporting me, psychologically and financial costs

We're there any names that guided you in art and inspired you?

I remember very early I attracted by Dali, Monet and Frida Kahlo artworks. There was not any social media or even internet at that time so everyone was going abroad I always asked them to bring me books or postal cards of my favorite artists rather than chocolate boxes.

How does your production process start ? Can you tell us about the production process of your works ?

The whole process is being very much influenced by personal and social situations. For example as a single mom I always put my daughters as the first priority or after the recent earthquake I couldn’t work at all. But in general I choose the subject and composition and after my kids sleeping I start working on it. Obviously colored works takes more time compared to black and whites.

Which art movement do you feel closer to?

I’ve been working with different styles and movements such as modern, contemporary and collage. But over past 4 years all my works are closer to hyperrealism.

Who or what do you think art is for ?

‏In my opinion art is about thinking freely and creating freely. There is no limit or frame for art. It doesn’t belong to any specific person or group. Art is for different people with divers

thinking and living style. We can’t limit art to a certain group.

Who are the artists that influenced vou or that you admire ?

‏In my recent works that are mainly hyperrealistic I am inspired by Mr Chuck Close

How did the pandemic process affect you and your business ?

‏Pandemic was the period that changed human being preferences and priorities. People more cared about their health and basic needs that reduced their willingness to pay for artworks. At the mean time being locked at home was helping many people like me to have more reflections and inspirations. I could have more focus on my preferred subjects and could

create more artworks

Can you talk a little bit about your plans for the future?

‏I want to create more artworks and attend different local and international art galleries. I have faced many obstacles and difficulties in my life (same as many women) but I have been always hopeful and enthusiastic to fight for my dreams. I have a plan to help other women to learn this art specially if their are interested in hyperrealism. When I share my skills and stories with them they would be more motivated and hopeful

Finally, is there anything you would like to add?

‏Yes I want to emphasize on the importance of assertiveness and motivation. We all face lots of obstacles and frustration and it is more likely for women. Let’s never stop dreaming, never stop putting maximum effort to fulfill our dreams. There is no limit for art and our creativity so sit is important to think big and


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